There are 3 important ways in which we create an environment of Trust in the SocialFood Community. The first, user identities are authentic. The second, the Community "self-moderates" in its profiles and opinions to evaluate users, as well as alerting those who do not respect the spirit of collaboration. The third way is that SocialFood has a User Support Team that works every day to support users, and thus get the best experience in SocialFood.



SocialFood is made up of real people want to share a passion, cooking, and meet people through it. Therefore users use real identities. Pseudonyms are not accepted, e-mail and telephone are certified, and in photo they have to be recognizable. In addition, we offer the option of linking your SocialFood profile to Facebook.



The Trust is the center of all the users that make up the Community, and SocialFood is no exception. Every moment in which SocialFood users meet in a meeting that will give rise to the ratings. Mutual valuations that allow them to create themselves a reputation on the Web. This will give you more confidence when making your reservations, knowing that if one day you book with a SocialChef that has good valuations, you can be more than calm.


You choose

In SocialFood you can choose your tablemates. Diners contact the cooks, and they can choose to accept at the moment or decline their request to share their table. To help users decide, in addition to opinions, SocialFood provides valuable information about each user, such as recent activity and experience level. This means that you can be calm and comfortable when you organize your SocialFood.


Moderation team

SocialFood has an international team that moderates all published content to ensure that user interaction is always respectful and responsible. All photos, comments and profiles are examined to guarantee the trust of our Community, and offer you a reliable, high quality service.



In SocialFood users make a meal together and share expenses, without any profit from the driver. When publishing a SocialFood there is a maximum contribution per guest and also a maximum number of guests. Our users have insurance that provides coverage such as personal damage to the cook, legal protection and forgotten items. More information.



SocialFood needs your phone number to verify your identity, and send you notifications when you organize a SocialFood. This does not imply that anyone can call you. If you prefer to receive emails or simply do not have time to answer calls, you can hide your phone number and that way it will not be shown on your profile. And thanks to our internal messaging, you can contact any user without having to show your email address. When a user writes you, you will receive a message from us informing you.


User support team

The User Support Team is at your disposal every day of the week to help all users get the best out of SocialFood: a friendly and dedicated team provides answers in 24 hours and finds the solution to everything.